The growth of Coronavirus around the world: interactive chart




AClick for interactive view and focus on any one (or more) countries. Click autoscale to expand lines within each region / box.covid_deaths_per_captita_7-4-2020 

Update  April 29, 2020:



The graphic above shows the death rates from Covid-19 in each country around the world, grouped by continent / UN-designated regions. Click the image to view theinteractive version which allows your to explore any one (or more) countries.  Click Autoscale for each box / region to expand into its space. It may take a few clicks to get the knack of it but when you isolate a single country, you can see its growth very clearly. There are further options in the top-right corder.

Things to note, as of April 7:

  • Spain, Italy and their enclaves (San Marino / Andorra) have been the hardest hit countries per capita (top left, southern Europe), but all of them have begun to flatten the curve.
  • Most of Western Europe are on a slightly better trajectory and Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland are also flattening out. France have been a little slower.
  • The UK has a major fight on its hand (80dpm after 30 days) and its refusal to close early is going to have some very serious consequences.
  • Sweden are looking worse again. 23 days after their first death, their death rate is now 46.8 people per million. At the same point, Italy had just 35.7 deaths per million although Spain had 121.8 dpm. Can Sweden slow it down? Spain certainly did.
  • Ireland’s death rate (35.6 dpm) remains higher than the USA (33.6 dpm).
  • Eastern Europe and Western Asia (i.e. the Middle East) are on similar trajectories. Poland and Turkey have the worst-looking curves here.
  • Iranhas experienced a nasty second wave of cases (TAKE NOTE) and ITS DEATH RATE HAS BEGUN TO RISE IN THE LAST THREE DAYS.
  • North Africa is going the wrong way and death rates are surging in Algeria, Morocco,  Tunisia and Egypt.
  • Sub-saharan Africa scarcely registers on this graph because I have eliminated death rates of less than 1 per ten million. But watch this space. It’s going to be ugly. Mauritius has had a particularly bad dose.
  • In South America, Ecuador has been hit the hardest, but Brazil’s curve is not looking good.
  • And in North America, Canada is worsening, while the USA is not looking the Kanye West. Mexico is rising but it’s not too late to avoid disaster. As soon as I can, I will update this graph to include each American state.

The plan to update this daily, so comments are welcome, and thoughts will be included as time goes by.

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The data

The coronavirus data is updated daily on:

I’ll add a link to the code on github once I’ve tidied it up. Updates will follow daily.


Here’s an earlier version in PNG form

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